Finding Your Freedom

What does FREEDOM mean to you? Does it mean the comfort of life in a country that protects your safety? Having the ability to practice your faith? To speak your mind politically or personally in your own voice? To live in a world that is gradually evolving to a place of acceptance of ourselves and others, no matter what philosophies, histories, families, beliefs, or religious, sexual or gender identities we show up with?

Maybe freedom means a day off of work for you, or the dream of one day being debt free. Perhaps it comes to you through release from a relationship that was toxic and painful. Maybe it is allowing yourself to really tap into your creativity, let loose and be yourself, or just getting outside for a little picnic.

Whatever comes to mind for you, it is an important concept to continuously be aware of. It is easy to believe voices inside, or from others, telling us we don’t have choices, that we are limited and stuck … voices which are not always based on the full truth.

We need to hear our hearts and check out for ourselves whether we are fully aware of all of our blessings of freedom, or if there are areas that could use work or which are holding us back. Is there an area that you could shine more brightly? What can you do to move toward that place of freedom or more fully realize that it already exists in your life?

For me, I sometimes find that I place false barriers around myself that are only imaginary. I will think of myself as not being strong enough, or capable enough to do something, and even though it most likely isn’t true, I will live within these walls of my self created limitations. That is, until I sense some discomfort which makes me re-examine my beliefs and challenge them.

Holden’s Garden, a place of Freedom

Life on the farm definitely does a lot for my sense of Freedom in life though. There are no HOA’s to make happy; we can leave our kids sporting equipment anywhere we please and can paint our house pink with purple poke-a-dots if we want. (Of course, when it comes time to repaint, we’re going with boring white because we love white farm houses!). We are pretty quiet people, but we never have to worry about cutting the lawn too early and bothering anyone, or someone seeing us if we take the puppy out in our pajamas. It is wonderful! So much freedom!

And for two of our boys this year, freedom comes in the form of graduation from High School and moving out into the wold of College. So much new opportunity, and responsibility, and Freedom awaits them, to help grow them into the men they are meant to be!

But there is freedom in the world of form, and there is freedom within. And I find my innermost freedom connecting to the beautiful people that I love, in serving with my whole heart, and in relationship with our beloved animals.


The blessings and the Freedom of love in my life are limitless and when I put my awareness on that truth, I am Free.


Everyone has their own life, their own journey. But no matter where we live and where we are in life, we all have the ability to choose that beautiful Inner Freedom for ourselves.

What is your greatest experience of Freedom? What can you do to shed old beliefs, old ways, and embrace greater Freedom in your life?


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